Rom Machine

ROM Machine: An Introduction

Posted on: July 20, 2009

The ROM machine is a cross trainer that promises to deliver a workout in just 4 minutes a day. ROM stands for Range of Motion, and the ROM cross trainer is thus called, because of the range of motion a user goes through when performing exercise on the machine. The ROM machine is made by ROMFab, located in Southern California and has been manufactured by the company for almost 20 years.

The ROM cross trainer has two stations: an upper body workout and a lower body workout. On the upper body station, at the front of the machine, the user is seated. One upper body repetition consists of pulling the side arms towards the chest, opening the side arms out about 10 inches from the body in a reverse V shape, pulling the opened side arms around the upper torso until the side arms hit their stop and can go no further. Without stopping the reverse motion is made, the side arms are brought together again in a reverse V movement and the user pushes the side arms forward, engaging the abdominal muscles and stretches all the way forward without letting their bottom lift from the seated position, until the side arms hit the front stop of the ROM machine. All this movement is done under constant resistance. There is resistance in the pull element as well as in the push element.

The lower body workout is performed on the rear of the ROM cross trainer. There are two pedals extending from the rear of the machine. It resembles a stair climber, but that is where the similarity between the two exercises stops. The user steps onto the rear pedals using the rear side arms for support, and pushes one foot down as far as possible. At the same time the opposite foot will raise to the user’s chest. Depending on the user’s flexibility the range of motion that can be attained on the rear of the ROM machine is quite astounding. Usually a user won’t be able to perform the full range of motion right away, but after a few weeks of regular use on the machine, a user’s flexibility improves.

The most important component of the ROM machine is its 80 lb flywheel which is mounted on a hub and nestled into a stainless steel hoop. On the side of the flywheel there is a centrifugal brake that engages once the flywheel hits a certain RPM, creating friction with the hoop, which creates resistance. When the ROM machine user performs either of the exercises the fly wheel will start to spin as both stations are connected to the flywheel through a transmission and a series of chains. The faster the exercise is performed, the faster the flywheel spins. The faster the flywheel spins the further the centrifugal brake is engaged, and the more resistance is created. The more resistance created, the more difficult the workout, which means: the stronger the Rom cross trainer user is, or the more strength and effort put into the workout, the harder the workout will be. Although there are two stations on the ROM machine, there is only one flywheel, and thus only one user can use the ROM cross trainer at a time.

The ROM machine is built to last. It is made of chromed and powder coated steel and stainless steel components. The majority of the ROM cross trainer’s components are custom made for the machine with enduring quality in mind. To prevent distortion and bending over time from users’ yanking, the side arms are made of solid steel bar, whereas on the majority of exercise machinery the structures are made of tubing, as it is more lightweight, and thus cheaper. But the ROM machine’s quality does come with a price tag: a hefty $14,615. But if you want an exercise machine that gives you a complete workout in just 4 minutes, it might just be worth it.


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